Al-Fath Stevedoring and Marine Works Company was established in 2004.

During that time, the company has worked hard to reach the highest level of the services performed to its clients, till it became one of the biggest leading companies in the field of stevedoring, stockpiling and warehouses.

So, this is what the company owns of Components, assets, equipment and a variety of warehouses that allow the company to deal with all kinds of goods, whether it is a clean or a non-clean bulk, also with containers and general goods.

Moreover, the company operates under an umbrella of decisions and licenses which are required to practice all the direct and related work to stevedoring and warehousing.

Besides, we cannot miss the company’s assets, specialized expertise and human resources at the highest level of efficiency and developed training.

Furthermore, the company has worked on strategic plans to develop its investments and assets, which are needed to practice its work and attract its clients, until its investment reached 150 million Egyptian pounds yearly.

Also, its assets have reached 100 million Egyptian pounds.

Therefore, the company’s management is keen on keeping up with everything new in its field, and that’s by attending international exhibitions and visiting different harbors worldwide in accordance with the policy of

raising efficiency and effectiveness, improving rates and keeping pace with
the global system.

Stemming from the above, we would like to present a brief summary for all the company’s sectors and activities, to give more knowledge about Al-Fath Stevedoring and Marine Works Company.


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